Obtaining a Mortgage in 2014 May Prove Problematical for Some Borrowers

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Mortgage Reform Act, authorizes more stringent qualification measures for mortgage borrowers. It came about due to the recent financial problems, brought on by financial service providers that were underwriting loans and selling them to lenders willing to cough-up the hefty fees to the loan originators. Many of these questionable loans were made to people who couldn’t afford them. On the surface, the Act seems to punish borrowers. But in essence, it’s supposed to free up funds for borrowers who can repay the mortgage by tightening up the qualifying process and cutting-down on loans to borrowers who cannot afford them. The Act tightens the mortgage process in 8 areas:

1. Proof of Income or Assets will be needed to show that you can make your mortgage payments. Yes, income is already part of mortgage qualification. But your other assets (anything that can be liquidated) will also be considered when determining your financial capacity to repay the loan.


Albanian Central Tax Administration, Composition and Developments of Its Structures

The administration of taxes belongs to the central and local tax administration. The Albanian Central Tax Administration of 2012 includes General Tax Directorate and Regional Tax Directorates. The Albanian Local Tax Administration includes all the tax offices of municipalities. The Central Tax Administration administer indirect and direct taxes, national taxes, and social contribution collection.

The Local Tax Administration administers all the local taxes as: taxes on property, on infrastructure, on hotels and tax on agricultural land.

The overall level of the staff of the tax administration is based on a model, which ensures that the report personnel / taxpayer to be higher in control than in other functions and higher in Large Taxpayer Directory, than in the Tax Regional Directories. The structure of directories on the regions has been simplified over the past two years and now consists of 14 regional directories and 24 service agencies. These public employees have to deal with more than one hundred and twenty thousand

Types of Business Entities (US)

Starting a business involves many decisions. What industry? What location? What do you intent to sell? A less obvious question, however, it what type of business entity do you choose? You can either decide to start a sole Proprietor, partnership or incorporate a company. Below I have explained what they are, distinguishing between the different types of company, and the pros and cons of each of them. So, lets start with…

Sole Proprietor

A Sole Proprietorship is an unincorporated business owned by a single person.

Pros –

– Easy to form. Just contact your local city or county clerk’s office.
– You get all the profits.
– You have full control. You make all the decisions.
– Simple accounting taxes. Income is taxed on a personal level and you don’t need to prepare a Balance Sheet.

Cons –

– Unlimited liability. You are responsible for all the business’ debts. This makes your personal assets (such as house and car) at

Pros and Cons of Financing Your Plastic Surgery

Although plastic surgery procedures were once thought of as activities for rich people to spend their excess money on, they are now more accessible to the mainstream. The main reason that “regular people” are able to get surgical procedures once thought of as off limits, is due to financing. It is now possible to finance your cosmetic surgery and make payments, just like you would with any expensive product you weren’t able to pay for all at once.

Some surgeons have financing options available through their office, while all the other common financing options are also in play. Some of the procedures that patients consider financing, include face lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation, lifts or reduction, arm, thigh and butt lifts, nose or ear reshaping, facial implants and some injectable treatments.

Most cosmetic surgery procedures aren’t exactly cheap, and unless there is a medical reason for getting it, your insurance isn’t likely to help out at all. Some of the common

What’s The Worst That Could Happen? Credit Insurance Helps Your Business Survive and Thrive

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

The phone rings, it’s your Sales Director and he has great news for you. That order you have waited for has just come through. It is from your biggest client and it is twice the size of any previous contract they have placed with you. Their business will keep you going for a good six months and there are promises of more to come if you deliver to contact. Sure, the negotiations were long and difficult. You gave a lot of ground, shaved your margins, shortened the delivery period, and given them longer to pay. That said you have known them for years; you play golf with their MD. Bottom line times are tough, you need the business, and they are good for the money.

Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen?

So the factory goes into full swing, everyone is working flat-out to meet the production schedule. As the delivery date draws ever